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Achievements! Empty Achievements!

Post  Administrator Waffles on Wed Jan 12, 2011 12:15 am

Alright! There is a new system in play here!
It's the Achievement System!
This really has no impact on your Mafia-playing experience, so it can be ignored.
Achievements are unlocked by completing certain requirements, whether you win them by dying, or killing.
As I'm too lazy to figure out how to actually give out awards, I will add you to the corresponding group.
If you check under "Groups" at the top, you will find many different groups.
Most of them are named after achievements. If you are part of the achievement group, that means we acknowledge your success at meeting those requirements!
They are only to increase this sites specialness, so continue playing, and win some Achievements!
You will find out the requirement after you have unlocked the achievement.
Administrator Waffles
Administrator Waffles
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